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[this article was delayed a little due to technical problems,
so I adopted it to the information provided by the papers
available online now]

my company is developing an engine for the execution
of models, expressed in "executable UML", more or less,
which in our notion will finally range from the pure
IT level up to business processes and business landscape
modelling in a unified language, whatever name it will
actually bear.

As founder and principal architect of that company I am,
as a matter of course, highly interested in the exchange,
creation, usage, formalization, metamodelling etc. of
such models.

While looking for a suitable domain name for a model repository
we discovered Some questions:

Models shared at are conceptual reference models.
IMHO, their maturity will depend on their use in commercial
projects. From this point of view: how do they/shall they/should
they relate to executable models? Is this relation formalizable?
Now and then?

Different architects often have quite different opinions on
architecture. What style(s) of collaboration will openmodels

1.) Is the general idea something like "sourceforge for models", with
coexisting model projects? Maybe several competing ones for the
same domain?

2.) Are there any ideas how to effectively orchestrate cooperation
on models? Specifically with a large number of participants?

Acceptance - There are already some domain specific industry
reference models (e.g. for insurances in germany). Nonetheless there
is a majority of software on the market that does simply ignore them.

How can models be saved from this fate?

IV. Technical question: are there any favored notations already that
will be used on openmodels?

Andreas Leue

Sphenon GmbH,